Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021
Online Casino Strategy: Roulette Result Observation

Like I said in the previous videos, I believe that experienced and trained dealers are able to control the location they wanted the while ball to land on, up to certain extend of course.

Before I started today’s game, I was studying the result of the previous matches under history. As we can see from the history of the game, most of the time the dealers landed the balls in the following area: –

Pic 1: Previous history

Pic 2: Landing area

Out of the 15 times played previously, more than 50% of the times the white ball dropped in the Zero Zone and the Small Zone. And 2 times from the 15 times played, they landed very near to the Zero Zone (2 and 12).

Hence I decided to place my bet today mainly on the Zero Zone and Small Zone. If I scored on any number, I will be able to win RM35 for every RM1 I betted. There is a total of 19 numbers in Zero Zone and Small Zone, RM35-RM19=RM16, I am still able to win RM16 in total every time I bet.

So now is the time to try out the observation: –

In the end of the game, there’s some internet connection issue, and the last result I have is as following: –

Pic 3: end game result

Pic 4: end game landing area

Out of the 10 times of my bet, I had scored 70%!

in other words, I had won RM16x7, which is RM112. We will need to deduct the 3 times that I had lose, so I lose a total of RM19x3, which is RM57. In summary, I had won a nett of RM55.

After the internet is restored, I realized my last bet had won as well, so over the 11 rounds of games, I had won RM71 nett. Not too shabby I would say.


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