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Niu Niu, What is, how to and where to find the game

Niu Niu is a popular card game in Southern China and South-Eastern Asia, although each of the places might have slightly different house rules. You can now easily find and access the game via Asian Region online casino. The word “niu” in Chinese can be translated to cow, bull, or ox, so it is known in English as “cow cow”, “bull bull”, and “ox ox”.


The rules of the game is pretty simple: The dealer will deal 5 cards to each players and reveal them when the dealing is done. The players with highest rank will win the game.

The game normally consists of 4 players inclusive the dealer. The dealer will start the game by drawing a card to determine the starting position, in an anti-clockwise order.

  • A, 5, 9, K- Start from Dealer
  • 2, 6, 10- Start from Player 1
  • 3, 7, J- Start from Player 2
  • 4, 8, Q- Start from Player 3

After  receiving 5 cards from the dealer, you will then have to split the cards into set of 3 cards and set of 2 cards.

  • The set of 3 cards must sum up to a total of 10 to form a “Niu”
  • The set of 2 will determine the points you have.

Important: If you failed to obtain a “Niu”, such set is called “No Bull”. A “No Bull” set is considered void and no score will be calculated.

The online casino version of the game will deal all the cards to each players with card face up. The much more popular variant game is to deal the cards facing down to add an element of surprise and thrill to the players.

Niu Niu Hand Ranking

The ranking of cards in Niu Niu is as follow (from largest to smallest): –

  • K> Q> J> 10> 9> 8> 7> 6> 5> 4> 3> 2> A  Ace (A) in this game is counted as 1 (the smallest value)
  • Spades (♠) > Hearts () > Clubs (♣) > Diamonds ()
Ranking Card Pattern
5 Dukes (5 Pictures) All 5 cards made up of picture cards (K, Q and J)
Niu Niu 3 cards in multiples of 10 + remaining 2 cards add up to 10 or 20
Niu 9 3 cards in multiples of 10 + remaining 2 cards add up to 9 or 19
Niu 8 3 cards in multiples of 10 + remaining 2 cards add up to 8 or 18
Niu 7 3 cards in multiples of 10 + remaining 2 cards add up to 7 or 17

*Niu 6 and below: general face value of the cards

Niu Niu Example

NiuNiu Example from afbcash
NiuNiu Example from afbcash
  • Banker: Banker has “No Bull” because he cannot form a “10” with any 3 cards.
  • Player1: 6+8+6=20, form a “Bull” here. 10+3=13, so a “3”. As a result, this set is a “Bull 3” set.
  • Player2: 5+5+J forms a “Bull”, then 9+2 = 11, so a “1”. Hence, the set “Bull 1”
  • Player3: Same case as Banker where no “Bull” can be formed, so a voided set.