Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021
AFBCash XE88 Takers' Feature


XE88 slot game Takers is the new emerging game in online slot game Malaysia! AFBCash Online Casino Malaysia is most honoured to mention that XE88 had official join us!

XE88 slot game Takers draws a lot of players attention because of its easiness to get a big win. It is also fun to play and also enjoyable to watch. 

In this game, there are 3 burglars that wanted to break into other people’s property and steal their possessions! Your aim is to make sure they scored so you are able to win the trophies together with them! 

If you are experienced enough, you should have guessed that the payout table is set according to the storyline. And you have guessed it so correctly! Just like all other online slot game, this is a pure luck-based game and it is suitable for players of every kind and of every age.

Register with AFBCash Malaysia now to enjoy games from this new era developer and enjoy your bonus in playing.

Below is the explanation and description of the features and details in the game.

Takers' Jackpot Table
Takers’ Jackpot Table
Takers Paylines
Takers Paylines
Slot Game's Scatters Bonus & Free Spin
Slot Game’s Scatters Bonus & Free Spin
XE88 Takers Symbols
XE88 Takers Symbols
XE88 Takers' Wildcards!
XE88 Takers’ Wildcards!

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