Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Soccer Betting

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The history of soccer/ football

In brief, according to FIFA, the Chinese competitive game cuju (蹴鞠, literally “kick ball”) is the earliest form of football for which there is evidence. Cuju players could use any part of the body apart from hands and the intent is to kick a ball through an opening into a net. It was remarkably similar to modern football and rugby.

in 1904, FIFA was founded in 1904 to oversee international competition among the national associations of BelgiumDenmarkFranceGermany, the NetherlandsSpainSweden, and Switzerland. FIFA is responsible for the organization of football’s major international tournaments, notably the World Cup which commenced in 1930 and the Women’s World Cup which commenced in 1991.

Headquartered in Zürich, its membership now comprises 211 national associations. Member countries must each also be members of one of the six regional confederations into which the world is divided: AfricaAsiaEuropeNorth & Central America and the CaribbeanOceania, and South America.

The world most valuable sports!

Did you know that there are an estimated 3.5 billion soccer fans in the world as of 2019? That’s nearly half the entire human population! More people watch soccer than any other sport, and its popularity shows no signs of fading. In fact, the number of fans is expected to grow in the years to come.

As the most popular spectator sport on the planet, it’s no surprise that soccer attracts a lot of betting interest. Here we are talking hundreds of billions in US dollar measurements, EVERY YEAR! Hence it is not surprise that soccer betting is one of the most, if not the most, money making business in the casino industry.

A sizable percentage of soccer fans enjoy putting their knowledge to the test as they take on the bookmakers. Some of these fans are what we call recreational bettors, and they bet on soccer primarily as a form of entertainment. Others are motivated by the chance to make money, and they take things a lot more seriously.

This soccer betting guide has been compiled with both sets of bettors in mind. There’s a ton of basic information and advice for those who are just interested in betting for fun and some more advanced content for those who are striving to make consistent profits.

We’ve divided this guide into 3 sections, and we’ve detailed what each section covers below. You can jump straight to a specific section using the following links if you want, but we strongly recommend reading through this entire guide instead.

     Soccer Betting 101             Types of Soccer Betting        Soccer betting Strategy