Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

3. Understanding Asian Handicaps

In order to start betting, you will need to understand the handicap system.

We will be focusing on Asia Handicap System. You might ask why so? Well, this is because Asia has the world largest soccer punters community. More than 80% of the soccer betting stakes in the world are in the form of Asian Handicap.

The Asian Handicap betting market is often seen as complex, but once you understand the concept, you will have a fresh perspective for soccer betting.

What is Asian Handicap?

Traditionally, in European soccer betting, there’s only the 1X2 betting style. In the 90’s, the currently known as Asian Handicap was first introduced in Indonesian and quickly gain popularity globally. The main reason why it had gained so much popularity is because Asian Handicap (HDP) has a higher change of winning, compared to the European.

The Asian handicap is a form of betting where a team is given a head start. This is based on the team’s prior form and works like this: a stronger team must win by more goals for the punter betting on them to win.

In a soccer match there is a difference in perceived quality between the two opponents. The differential varies determined by a number of situational factors such as:

  • Historical performance
  • Home Field Advance
  • Financial strength
  • Team Physical and Emotional Form
  • Player availability – suspensions or injuries

Bookmakers interpret these factors and represent each team’s chances of success with odds. This is done by applying either a positive or negative goal handicap to each side depending on which team is perceived as the favourite (negative) or underdog (positive), hence leveling the playing field.

Different handicaps:

  • Level Ball Asian Handicap

This is the Asian handicap option when you see a 0 next to the team’s name. This is basically a draw no bet market. No handicap is applied to either team, and if it ends up as a draw, then you receive your money back.

  • Single Asian Handicap betting

Single Asian Handicap betting is ideal when there is a large perceived difference in ability between two teams. The supposed better team will be awarded a goal handicap to eliminate the difference in quality for betting purposes. For example they will start the game with -0.5, -1, 1, or 2 goals.

  • Split Line Asian Handicap

Split Line Asian Handicap is a bit confusing. You will notice it is a split line handicap when you see a .25 or .75 at the back of the handicap. The .25 is an indication of the handicap is split into 2 sets of 0 and 0.5, while the 0.75 is a split of 0.5 and 1. So if the handicap is 1.75, meaning is it a split of 1.5 and 2 and -1.25 meaning -1 and -1.5.

Split, in Asian handicap means that your bet will be split into 2 portion. Take for example: –

    • Betting RM100 on a 1.75 handicap simply mean that you are actually betting RM50 on handicap 1.5 and RM50 on handicap 2.
      So if the final score is 2-0 which the strong team had won by 2, you win RM 50 on the 1.5 handicap, but lose RM50 on the 2 handicap.
    • Betting RM100 on a -1.25 handicap meaning you are betting RM50 on handicap -1 and RM50 on handicap -1.5
      If the final of the match is 2-0 which the strong team had won by 2, you win everything you had bet as your win RM50 from handicap -1 and RM50 from handicap -1.5

Below is the complete Asian Handicap Table for your reference: –